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If you or your child are considering trying karate with us the following information may be useful before you Contact Mizukara.

Firstly it is FREE to try a class in any of our clubs to see if you/your child enjoy it. Secondly please come along initially in track-suit bottoms, a t-shirt, running type training shoes and bring a drink. (Please do not bring fizzy or caffeine drinks.)

Introduce yourself/your child to one of our coaches as we have to record basic contact information at this time.  You/your child will then be introduced to others in the class and will be taken through some of the types of activities we do in a class.  These will always begin with a warm-up, and then be followed with other activities such as improving basic motor-skills, flexibility, basic karate and self-defense techniques and some cardiovascular exercise.

Safety and fun first

If you/your child enjoy the class and wish to join our clubs we will give you a membership form, advise you of the monthly membership and discount scheme.  Further down the line we can supply you with a karate gi (suit) at a very reasonable price. The karate suits we supply are poly-cotton so they do not shrink in the wash and should last at least a year.  Young people wishing to join in conjunction with their Duke of Edinburgh, Scout or Guiding Awards are very welcome too.
As students progress they will have opportunities to achieve coloured belts; and if they become interested in the competitive aspect of karate; kumite (sparring) and kata (patterns), appropriate training will be provided and competitive equipment can be supplied.

Most importantly, karate is a very personal martial art/sport.  It is not often a team sport, but we do still include some team games and team competitions, such as the very exciting tag-team matches.
Many hundreds of students over the last twenty years value the benefits it has given to them.  The skills and confidence achieved through our training does cross over and enhance other sporting activities.  It is very valuable in terms of self-confidence in an ever challenging world.  We look forward to meeting you/your child.  Classes are paid for at the beginning of each month and offer excellent value for money.

 We are on Facebook and Twitter as @Mizukara and have classes weekly in Newtownards and Bangor.

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