Local Mizukara Karate students from Ards and Bangor have just returned from the IKU World Karate Championships with the biggest haul ever of World medals. The event took place in Kilkenny, Ireland and was attended by some 1300 athletes from 23 nations.

The girl winners
Local girl Rachael Fleming shone, both in her performances and with her three gleaming world medals. Rachael was silver medallist in the cadet girls individual kata (patterns), bronze in her individual kumite (sparring) and collected another bronze in the team kumite. Her teammate, Levi Kane also collected silver in her individual kata too, in the ladies kata. Both girls being beaten in their respective kata finals by the narrowest of margins, three flags to two.
Amy Adair from Conlig was delighted to win a bronze in team kumite.

The youngest member of the squad, Anna McCormick in her first major meet, was up against the odds in big numbered categories. None the less she more than did herself proud with two fabulous fourth places.

The boy winners
Jacq Watton from Glastry and Dean Miller from Newtownards also fought extremely well in the male cadets team, each claiming a very well deserved bronze.

Northern Ireland coach Dermott McLaughlin was delighted and impressed by the whole Northern Ireland squad’s performance which in total collected a fantastic total of seven silver medals and fifteen bronze medals.

Again, the best in our country’s history.









On the general fitness front we at Mizukara are delighted to announce our Karate Fit classes (suitable for those with no martial arts experience) will be moving to Saturday mornings in Bangor Aurora from 8 – 8.45am ‘commencing on 25 November’. Fitness clothing and a drink required.