Mizukara Fit

Mizukara Fit offers two types of training available to suit adults. (Classes for groups of children can be arranged if required).

Firstly the ‘physical training’ side of competition Karate training. we call it S.P.A.R. (Speed, Plyometric, Agility & Recovery). It will improve your overall, strength, fitness, flexibility, core and speed.

Secondly the relaxing, yet invigoration effects of Tai Chi training.  Each has its own health benefits.

Both of these classes take place in the mornings in DW Sport, Bangor.  Students can begin their day off with a physical or internal energy boost.


Firstly, no martial arts experience is necessary. Our ‘S.P.A.R.’ classes give adults a taste of the ‘fitness training’ international karate athletes have to do without the need to do actual karate training.
Students are encouraged to take the class at their own speed and gradually build up their skills and fitness.
This class is based on proven speed, plyometric and core training which has resulted in many world class karate athletes. Classes also involve recovery stretching. Each class is 30 minutes of coached technical physical training followed by 15 minutes of Shaolin stretching. This is critical to proper recover after quality training.

“Regular aerobic exercise can help achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It can also  improve mental well-being, and reduce the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Strength-based exercises can also strengthen bones and reduce the risk of injury. It is recommended that adults of all ages undertake a regular mix of both aerobic and strengthening exercises. S.P.A.R. provides a fantastic way of helping to achieve your weekly exercise goals. It provides an excellent mixture of aerobic and strength activities in a fun and supportive environment. I can highly recommend it.”
Dr P HamiltonS.P.A.R.


Tai Chi

The ancient Chines art of ‘Tai Chi’ was primarily created for fighting. However after centuries of development, the world is now aware of the many health benefits of its training. Students can learn Tai Chi form, do some loosening exercises and also stimulate their circulation with a bit of Qi Gong. Regular Tai Chi training can also help your balance and in many cases lower blood pressure. Private lessons available on request.

Tai Chi