It has been suggested that it takes at least four years for an adult to go from beginner to black belt in karate

provided they are training at least three times a week. However for a child going from beginner through to

adult black belt this is something that takes a lot, lot longer, especially if that karate student is also

competing at European and World karate events and winning at that level too. Another reason is because

children progress by half grades so it is twice the amount of belts to achieve.

On 20 December 2014, for the first time in the twenty year history of Carnalea Wado Kai and Scrabo Karate

Club this happened, when sixteen year old Regent House pupil, Craig Brashaw was awarded his first Dan

Black belt.

Craig began training at the age of four and has also been competing and winning at international level for

seven years. He has represented both the Northern Ireland and the Irish team and also guested on English

teams on two occasions. His coaches Kevin & Sam Lewis and David Brashaw were delighted for him. Sam

commented “Very well deserved. Craig did an excellent grading and is a great role model for all of our other

students. We have taught thousands of students over the past twenty years and a few have come close but

now one junior student has gone all the way to senior black belt. Hopefully we will have many more in the

next few years.”

Other grading results were as follows:-

Red belt: Finlay Saunders, Lewis McCullough, Charlie Dobson, Owen Newell, Lewis Close, Natasha

Wright, Dean Collins, Nelson Witherspoon, Peter Davidson and Cameron Aulton.

Yellow & White belt: Victor Andreasson and Charlie Wallis.

Yellow belt: Megan Donaldson, Sophie Morton, Ben Thompson, Jenna Newell and Andrew Johnston.

Orange & yellow belt: Archie & Toby McKelvey, Jamie Mackie, Sam Johnston, Jonathan Sloan, Timmy

Gouk, Toby Gribben, Carter McCormick, Ethan Luney, Charlie-Foster Barr and Madeline Wallis.

Orange belt: Leah Atkinson, Kezia Luney, Maya Wilson, Josh McDowell and Peter Murray.

Green & orange belt: Tom Johnston.

Green belt: Charlotte Rylance and BenMcIlroy.

Blue & green belt: Matthew Dales and Ben Frazer.

Blue belt: Samuel Willingham.

Purple & white belt: Kyle Frazer and Jamie Mayne.

Purple belt: Luke Allen.

Brown and white belt: Ben Rylance and Jacq Watton.

Brown belt: Dean Miller, Rachael Fleming and Jessica Palmer.

Black & brown belt: Levi Kane

Congratulations to all those who successfully achieved their next belt!